Aznavour’s tailors – vol. 2

Good morning, my friends!

Here in Rome the production of the album continues nonstop; the clothes created for these songs are really beautiful and elegant, I hope they will please you in the same way that they thrill me!

Today I present to you the other two “costume designers”, who have been able to give a refined and particular touch to the 10 tracks on the CD with their skill: Stefano Alagi (bass) and Valerio De Negri (sax, clarinet, flute).

Stefano Alagi - Valerio De Negri - "Vous permettez, Aznavour?" - Michelangelo Nari
Stefano Alagi - Valerio De Negri - "Vous permettez, Aznavour?" - Michelangelo Nari

Stefano Alagi was born in Rome, where he started playing at the age of 11 and studied at the Morlacchi Conservatory in Perugia. He played with a quartet led by Giampaolo Ascolese and collaborated with numerous artists, including Stefano Senesi (pianist with Renato Zero and Francesco De Gregori). He had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Phil Palmer and the Irakere (Cuba). He played on the CD “Curvatura 9” by Carlo Pasceri and collaborated as a sound engineer for Stef Burns (guitarist with Vasco Rossi). He also composed, arranged and recorded the CD “Stakes” in his studio. He is currently part of the “Airport passengers” group with which he is recording their second album. He collaborates as bass player and sound engineer on the CD “Destinations” of Carlo Molinari. In September 2017 he founded the musical association AlagiSound (recording studio and rehearsal room), where he works as a sound engineer and electric bass teacher.

Valerio De Negri was born in Civitavecchia and since he was a child he has been studying the Clarinet graduating in 1997 at the Conservatory of Latina. In 2000 he joined the Navy Musical Band, with which he performed in numerous concerts in Italy and abroad. His artistic and professional growth passes through the studies of Composition at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome (Lower Complement), a long choral experience, both as a chorister and director, and an intense theatrical activity (stage and musical) both as an actor / performer and as a director; recently he approached the study of the saxophone and transverse flute, instruments with which he delves into repertories such as swing with “TheBigBandTheory”, popular repertoires from Campania with “Taranterrae” and traditional Neapolitan pieces with “Song ‘e Napule” (led by actor, voice actor and director Vincenzo Avolio). At the same time, he carries out a fruitful professional collaboration with the “City of Rome” Symphony Orchestra and with the “Virtuosi di Roma” Orchestra.