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“I can’t not live, and I only live when I’m on stage. I am happy there, and it shows”

“Fête de la Musique

Thanks to Hélène Sandoval’s Théâtre Français de Rome, in collaboration with Giardino Cairoli, Guglielmo Huffer Association – WE CARE and Rome Accueil, with Rosy Messina.

Giardino Cairoli, Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, Roma

June 21, 2021 h. 8.30/10.30 PM

Free admission

“Festa della solidarietà: OGGI DONO UN SORRISO

With Alessandra Procacci

Centro Sportivo OCRES MOCA – Villalba Guidonia

June 26th 2021 h. 5.00 PM



“7 Vizi”


Via Padre Domenico Mazzucconi, 12
23900 Lecco (LC)

July 2 / 3 / 4th – 8.00 PM and 10.00 PM

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Work in progress: the dates for the upcoming concerts and shows will be online soon.

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