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“I can’t not live, and I only live when I’m on stage. I am happy there, and it shows”


2020-09-19-Michelangelo Nari-Calendar

Private event

Terrazza Caffarelli


h. 7.30 PM

2020-09-20-Michelangelo Nari-Calendar

Private event

Palazzo Brancaccio


h. 6.00 PM

2020-10-01-Michelangelo Nari-Calendar

“Vous permettez, Aznavour?”

Teatro degli Eroi, via Girolamo Savonarola, 36/m Rome – h. 8.45 PM

Price: € 15

For info and reservations: concerti@michelangelonari.com

Work in progress: the dates for the upcoming concerts and shows will be online soon.

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