Michelangelo Nari - CD - "Vous permettez, Aznavour?"

“If I had been blond, with blue eyes, tall and elegant, with a clear voice, I would not have had the same career”

A career spanning 85 years, 43 albums recorded, more than 300 million records sold: Chahnourh Varinag Aznavourian, aka Charles Aznavour, was this and so much more, he was the chansonnier par excellence. Although today to me this extraordinary artist also represents a subtle bridge between past and present, a journey across my memories: a turntable that plays while I run in the garden, a melancholic melody that accompanies my first readings, a black and white clip of a man theatrically telling a story. His song to me are about home, truth, warmth, the deep vibration that only the most authentic music can give; they are impressionist paintings that immortalize a story painted beyond space with hundreds of colors.

“Je vous parle d’un temps” are the opening words of “La Bohème”, the song that opens this CD; therefore, while I dare to sing his time, trying to regain possession of my own, I hope that the notes you will hear might bring you back to the most beautiful and most nostalgic memories, to recall your story and awaken some emotion … because that is what we live for.

I will give it a try … May I, Monsieur Aznavour?

The CD consists of 10 tracks, some famous ones and some less popular but equally evocative. They have been rearranged in a trio version (piano, bass, drums) with some wind instrument contributions, and contains three duets.


  1. La Bohème
  2. She
  3. La Mamma
  4. Ti lasci andare
  5. Comme ils disent
  6. For me formidable
  7. Mio commovente amore
  8. Les deux guitares
  9. Qui
  10. J’aime Paris au mois de mai