Michelangelo Nari - Concert "Vous permettez, Aznavour?"

“I write all my songs as I would write for an actor. I always think about the stage, the interpretation”

The concert-show is a musical journey: an intimate and elegant tale told through the pieces of Aznavour, which draws stories and evokes past worlds, like stains of color on a yellowed canvas.

Sixteen songs, mostly in French, with some in Italian and interventions in English, Spanish, German, Russian and Hebrew. Between each song, small anecdotes from Aznavour’s life, quotes, nostalgic and funny moments.

It is not a clumsy attempt to imitate him, but the simple will to reinterpret these touching melodies with delicacy and respect, in an emotional continuum between past and present. The concert can be presented in a more intimate version (voice and piano) or a more structured one (voice, piano, double bass, drums, woodwinds), according to the logistics and venues. It is therefore modular for all situations, from small theaters to private events.

For info and reservations: concerti@michelangelonari.com