“Vous permettez, Aznavour?” is available on digital stores!

My friends, let’s end the month of July with a very good news: from today, “Vous permettez, Aznavour?” is available on digital stores. You can find and download it on Spotify, I-Tunes, Amazon, YoutubeMusic and many more other portals, edited by Fluente Records. Thanks for listening to it and for entering in this musical world, so precious and elegant to me. If you’d rather book the CD, you can always order it by clicking here.

Thank you so much, and good music to all of you😊!

Michelangelo Nari - CD "Vous permettez, Aznavour?"

The video trailer for “Vous permettez, Aznavour?”

Just 8 days left before the release of the CD “Vous permettez, Aznavour?”!

In the past few weeks I have made all the ritual presentations, but now here is a small preview: a video trailer with songs and backstage clips at PlayRec Recording Studio, where everything has been recorded and mixed by the talented Fabio Fraschini.
Thanks to Giovanni De Filippi for filming and editing, and thanks to you if you will enter in this musical world.

The CD will be available from next Saturday on this website… enjoy the video!

Watch the Trailer- "Vous permettez, Aznavour?" - Michelangeo Nari
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Michelangelo Nari - M

Happy birthday, Aznavour!

Charles Aznavour

It is the 22nd of May 1924 and in Paris we witness the birth, from a couple of Armenian immigrants, of he who would become one of the most famous and appreciated French songwriters of the twentieth century. A chansonnier, an interpreter, a source of inspiration for many singers in the decades to come… and, in my own small way, for me as well.

That is why I decided to “give birth” to this website on this very day; a space dedicated to me but above all to my project on Charles Aznavour: a self-produced CD containing the covers of his most beautiful songs and a theatrical concert, in which I will try to share the emotions of his stories.

In the upcoming weeks I will tell you about all of this, introducing the various pieces of this puzzle and tell you all the news … for now, focus on two more important dates:

  • On July 18th through the website you will be able to book the CD I am completing (consider it a birthday present!)
  • On October 1st, on the anniversary of Aznavour’s death, I will announce the first official date for the concert (location and details yet to be defined)

Thanks to all who collaborated with me in the realization of all of this… and thanks to you for browsing these pages, they mean so much to me!

Michelangelo Nari - M